Thursday, June 23, 2016

Preschool Graduation

Today was Annabelle's preschool graduation!  For many kids it's a transition to kindergarten but for us it's also a time of reflection and realizing how far she has come in these past three years at CP Rochester.

When she started she was only 2 1/2, turning 3 in December.  She couldn't walk at all and her only form of communication was a few signs and pointing / gesturing.  She had trouble holding items and transferring them from hand to hand was a challenge.  Fast forward 3 years and she's running around crazy, communicating with sentences and has much more upper body strength.

This was her first / last day pictures from 2013-2014:

Now for her pictures from 2015-2016:

She has grown so much and is doing great.  People keep asking if I'm ready for kindergarten and I tell them yes, with out a doubt.  Annabelle has come so very far I can't wait to see what our future holds!

Walking into the gym, surprised with all the people

Her smile after she saw Brian and I

Mr Ben reads her name, it took her a second to realize

Getting her certificate

Our friend Jason who "wasn't graduation today" ;-)

Singing "if your happy and you know it"

Miss Laurie and Annabelle

Mary, Annabelle, Laurie, Julie, and Gabby
the most wonderful group of caring women!

Annabelle and Miss Laura (OT)

Annabelle and Miss Kim (Speech)

Miss Linda stole a kiss <3

Annabelle and Miss Linda (PT)

Drawing at Red Robin after graduation

Grandma Linda, Annabelle, and Papa

After graduation we had lunch with Grandma Linda and Papa then they went back home to Erie.  We spent the afternoon working on Annabelle's play area - moving a ton of rubber mulch!

All raked, weeded, landscape fabric put down and mulch ready to be spread

First bag out of 50

Just finishing up, looks beautiful

New sandbox


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