Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Summer, Fall & School

Wow, when I logged into the blog I didn't expect it to have been 4 months since my last post!  This summer went by in a blur.  Lots of sunny days, not many hot ones, and lots of fun with friends.  We tried to pack in as much fun as possible and enjoy every day of our summer vacation.

In September Annabelle started a new school and went into a gen-ed kindergarten class.  It's called an ICT (integrated co-taught) class.  She is with typical peers and receives all of her services throughout the day.  She loves her new class and school.  We are all very happy with the transition and placement.

Daddy pulled the 1st & 2nd loose tooth

Riding in a horse show

Fun trips to the zoo!  

Lots of Play Doh fun

Face painting every chance we got

swinging on the playground

pool days with friends

We traded in the 2005 Tuscon for a minivan

baked lots of tasty treats

Challenger baseball

Great sunsets with wonderful neighbors

Lots of fun times at the beach

Annabelle loved fireworks this year

beach fireworks

loving the fireworks show

Library fun with friends

hanging out with Red Wings baseball players

Meeting Dave Clark

Lots of neighbor fun

Walking in the Fireman's parade

We loved swimming in our neighbors new pool

Spent a few days with friends at Seabreeze amusement park

She loves roller coasters

My little ninja warrior

Annabelle came with me everyday to workout in
the morning.  She loved boxing day!

We took Bug (on right) to meet his brother Little Wonder

We got a new trampoline and jumped for hours!

The Niagara came to Rochester from Erie, PA

Mommy ran the Tough Mudder, Annabelle was my inspiration

Bus safety for kindergarten at a new school 
Saying goodbye to our Schlegel team at the Special Olympics

Boots & Barrels fundraiser for Heritage Christian 

Annabelle was the featured rider for the event.

We even did some line dancing

Gifts from the people at Heritage

Kindergarten graduation at Schlegel

Fun at Chuck E Cheeses

Annabelle and Spikes

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