Saturday, November 4, 2017

Wish trip - Day 2 Universal Orlando

Just like at Disney, at Universal Orlando we were given the star treatment!  The first characters we saw was Scoody Doo & the gang.  Annabelle wasn't so sure about the 6 foot dog but loved the girls (and they loved her).  After that we ran into Marge from the Simpsons and then a Sponge Bob parade.  Every character came over to say hello to Annabelle and spend time with her.  It was amazing!!

I wasn't sure how she would do with Shrek and Donkey but she loved them!  Donkey was talking to her and joking and she was cracking up!

We rode the Harry Potter train over to Islands of Adventure and when we got off we were in the middle of a magical land.  It was so beautiful and magical.  Annabelle loved the roller coaster (we rode it 3-4 times) luckily we were able to get off and right back on with no line!

Annabelle in front of the Hello Kitty store

We were so excited to run into Poppy and Branch from Trolls, one of her favorites!

top of the woody woodpecker coaster

Daddy and Annabelle riding the roller coaster again

Curious George land, such a cute play area!

Of course we had to take a trip to Springfield while there.  We did not ride the crazy 3d roller coaster, we did that ride 10 years ago and the thought still made both our stomachs turn!!  We did get some lunch and ride a few of the tamer rides.

Watching the Blues Brothers sing, luckily we had
ear muffs so Annabelle could enjoy it

Meeting Hello Kitty <3 

Waiting for the parade.  One of the workers radioed in where
we were sitting so every character came over to say hi.

More Harry Potter

Marvel comic book area, she loved these ladies

Dr Seuss land, the carousel was so cool

Face painting, that smile says it all!

Seeing Miss Mary back at GKTW during dinner

Late night train ride before bed at GKTW

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