Tuesday, December 19, 2017

7th birthday fun

Annabelle had an amazing birthday!  When I was putting her to bed last night I asked her if there was anything else that could have made her birthday better and with the biggest smile she shook her head no and gave me a hug.

In the afternoon Brian and I went into the classroom to read a story to her class.  She was so excited to have us both there and the kids loved the story.

After opening presents we took a drive down to a special light display at a drive-in not far from our house, Holiday Lights of Rochester, then stopped out for dinner before coming home for cupcakes and to sing one more time to her.  As she tried to blow out the candle she almost lost her bangs from the flame but daddy was quick to grab her and it luckily only got the tips of them.

It's funny how milestones hit you sometimes with a child like Annabelle.  As we were opening presents last night Brian said to her "you do this one on your own".  She started at the end and started ripping.  It took a bit of work but she unwrapped the entire thing without any help!  For her to use her hands to get ahold of the paper and her arms to move around the box (it was large) was amazing to watch.  Christmas might take 10 hours but we will definitely be having her open all the presents without any help :-)   It's like a full day of therapy and it extends the fun!

So now we move on to getting ready for Christmas!  Her elf has been moving all around the house hiding and she finds him everyday.  She is really going to miss him after Monday but at the same time I'm running out of hiding places so it's a good thing.

Big book of boo boo's from her Sunshine buddy <3 

So excited - this girl loves presents

Squad hat from Trish (my trainer)

She loved the hat but had to add on her birthday crown

Letter board and stickers from Uncle Darrell & Aunt Diann

Working on the big one alone

A cash register - she loved it!

This one took some work but she got it

I was so proud of her I put the camera down
and forgot to take any more pictures

Annabelle & her TA Mrs Brown

Holiday Lights of Rochester - so pretty!  

Ready to have dinner

Playing, just a little bit more before bed

This morning she wanted to open the cooking & baking set we got her.  This was one of my favorite gifts, I love cooking with her and now she has all her own tools!

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