Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas to all, what a wonderful day we had celebrating.  We had a beautiful white Christmas here in Rochester but lots of high winds.  Luckily, we didn't have any plans on leaving the house other than the occasional opening the door to let the dogs out.  Annabelle had a wonderful time and was exhausted by noon but kept playing right up until bedtime.

She loved her new bear!  It was a bigger hit than expected <3

She saw her stuffed elf was on top of all her presents from Santa

She was so excited about the ice cream counter!

Supergirl from her runner Patty.  Now she has
Wonder Woman, Bat Girl & Super Girl!

Family selfie

We took a break for a quick breakfast

back to opening presents

Loved her Fairy lily pond from Uncle Darrell & Aunt Diann

Waiting for daddy to open her
Elana of Avalor Septor, another hit!

Peppa Pig Camper Van from her
Spreading Sunshine buddy Kimberly

She was so happy, she got a doll that has
sound canceling ear muffs like her
(they are actually headphones)

Peppa Pig kitchen to go in our kitchen, working so hard on independent play

Counting toys from Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop
going to keep working on those numbers!

More number fun from Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop

Relaxing between opening

Annabelle got me an Eco Dot for the car 
hair chalk from Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop

Annabelle opened all of her presents on her own, she did great!

Bug & Clyde's turn to open presents

Family <3 - so blessed & thankful

The ice cream was a hit!  

Watching Elana in Disney World while
dressed as her and showing her septor

I never did post pictures from Thanksgiving, these are our Christmas at Thanksgiving pics of Annabelle.  Lucky girl gets to celebrate From end of November right through December with a birthday in the middle!

Baby Cece from Doc McStuffins

A cowbell, because 😂 😂 😂

Present from Uncle Curt, Aunt Tina, Curtis & Sydney

Belle pajamas

Princess Barbies!

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