Sunday, October 11, 2020

Quarantine week 30

 So many of the pictures I have are of us working.  We do math, we read, we count, we do OT, we do PT, we do Speech, the list goes on & on.  Annabelle is just doing so well that we are taking every opportunity to work on those skills and she loves playing games with us so it's a win - win.  I rarely look back on a decision I've made and without doubt say it was 100% the right choice but when it comes to moving Annabelle to the 12:1:1 class I can say that!  

Annabelle had off Friday so we took her to the Syracuse zoo, a farm in Geneva, and a Halloween display in Canandaigua.  It was such a fun family day, almost felt "normal".  We are still trying to squeak in all the outside activities in that we can before the real cold gets here.  That's when we will be staying home and finding fun things to do here rather than going into public.  

Unfortunately, our Covid numbers have been going up, 54 new cases yesterday and the biggest one day jump since July.  We are only doing fun & safe outdoor activities wearing masks at all times.  Brian has reminded me that I can do all shopping online and going into any stores is just increasing risk to being exposed so I've cut back all shopping.  The only time I go into stores (for groceries / necessities) is at 8 or 9am when they open so there are only employees and a couple people there.  

working hard at her desk

playing legos with daddy, Bug always close by

Using her device to position felt people for the story

Still getting in my outdoor workouts while it's above freezing

Matching teen number cards and identifying the numbers

So proud, she did 11 - 20!

working on some Halloween art projects
The pool is officially closed for the season

Reading a book about fall from school
Looking at the flamingos and ducks at the zoo

baby elephant off in the distance


Syracuse zoo was really fun!

Pumpkin patch a friend told me about
HUGE Halloween display, Annabelle wasn't as 
impressed as we were LOL

Getting fitted for new SMO's
painting pumpkins

Olaf ready for the Halloween event at Miracle Field

I was so proud of her, she usually needs full assistance but did this on her own!!
Olaf golf cart ride after we got home

pumpkins are all done
working on 1:1 correspondence 

more math fun with daddy
She's doing so great with math, very proud of her!

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