Sunday, October 4, 2020

Quarantine week 29

Week 29, the one where the Trump's got Corona.  The president is in the hospital, so many people around him have tested positive, all because of their lack of social distancing.  Numbers in many states, including New York, are back on the rise.  For this reason and more we have been keeping course, staying home as much as possible and always wearing a mask!  Annabelle now wears one (as do her friends) while playing most of the time.  We just can not be too careful.

Doing more & more with the Silhouette, getting very addicted!  I see some home made Christmas gifts in some people's future LOL!

School is going well, Annabelle loves it and is doing great with her home afternoon lessons.  It's getting easier to keep her in since the weather has gone from upper 80's down to freezing (50 - 60's).

Going to school, last day of summer 2020

Matched all her number text to the correct numbers

working on teen numbers

dance party after last day in the pool

         Full moon on the last night of swimming
1 minute later, clouds parted

More math, always math

She does her music via google classroom,
this was the goodbye song

Sewed a mask bag for Annabelle at school
My first time sewing a zipper and heat transfer vinyl

working on speech & reading

my temp craft room, new computer all set up!
Brian is going to re-do the floors and build me a new desk this winter

Playing number recognition game

working on OT

Trying out some different tongs, she loved them!

Added a Penn State logo to the golf cart, more to come

Brian says I'm out of control, I love it!

New magnet run game

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