Saturday, February 13, 2021

Quarantine week 48

 Almost a year in and we are still having loads of fun every week!  Making the best of winter one day at a time.  

Colored my hair for the first time, had a driveway playdate, made valentines, delivered 253 pairs of PJ's to donate to Strong Hospital, made cupcakes, went to a zoom birthday party for one of our neighbors, opened Valentine's presents and play a lot!  Always busy, even without leaving the house!

First time coloring, came out great! 
I think I will keep doing this after Covid.

Annabelle at school, she is thriving with the 
switch to full days!

Playing with neighbors

These two are adorable together!  Love them!!

253 pairs of PJs donated for us to bring to the 
children's hospital.

Endless hours playing LOLs

All ready for her Valentine's Day party at school!

Crafting fun, hours of weeding vinyl. 
It's my meditation and quiet time!

Looking through all her v-day goodies

Compli-mat from school - LOVE!!

Having fun making cupcakes

Typical morning fun.  Using her device to tell me what each LOL is doing.

Finally hung my first sign.  Too much wind here to put
outside so we hung it in the mud room.

Painted cupcake bank from the birthday party

Valentine's presents

Apparently Bug likes Pete the Cat too!
Annabelle is a rockstar reading these books.

Drawing in the craft room while I work
on projects.  My little sidekick.

She split the characters up between her & Bug to share.

Having fun telling stories with Frozen, 
Sophia, & Trolls.

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