Saturday, February 20, 2021

Quarantine week 49 - February break

 Last year for February break we went and visited Brian's parents in Florida.  We had so much fun that we said this is going to be an annual thing!  Well, like so many other things, COVID decided it wouldn't be for us this year!  Instead we spent the week at home, doing all kinds of crafts, watching movies, sledding, and lots of playing.  It wasn't 85 degrees and sunny but we made the best of our time together.  

totally normal way to FaceTime with Grandma

Hanging out and playing music on Alexa while I do crafts

New math blocks

She loves to help me paint

drawing animals

Bug outside barking at a deer staring
at him from beside the shed

Painting her unicorn while we cut vinyl for shirts

this girl has sass!

LOL cabin all lit up

These two are best buddies!

waiting for friends to go sledding

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