Thursday, December 2, 2021

Fall 2021

Annabelle started 4th grade this fall and is loving her class!  She is so excited to go everyday which is great, she is so loved there!  We had lots of fun fall activities, halloween was a blast, and now we are getting ready for birthday / Christmas month.  

We stayed home again this year for Thanksgiving, just too much going on to risk it.  Annabelle got her first & second dose of the Pfizer vaccine which was a huge sigh of relief for us!  Brian and I got our boosters along with our flu shots so we are hoping to stay healthy this year.

With the colder weather brings more indoor fun.  We have been keeping busy playing all kinds of games, doing crafts, and of course lots of pretend play.  Tons of pictures, just so much fun everyday with this crazy girl!  

Painting nails with neighbors

new hand braces

Fall fires are the best when spent with friends!

Summer sendoff pool party

ready for school pictures

So much sass!

This swing is amazing, she was so relaxed!  
Wish we could find a place for it inside.

reading in her nook

loves the sand!

making apple crisp

getting her flu shot

Halloween party fun!

skating without a walker!!!!!!!

dancing with daddy

Painted a picture for daddy's birthday

Making daddy's birthday cake

Red ribbon week - sports team day

making treat bags for her friends

new glasses

all glammed up with makeup and hair to shoot a video

First Covid shot!

loved the hot tub & great friends!

Bug came to the tea party

Covid shot #2 - done!

it's a Bug in a box!

House all decorated up for Christmas

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