Monday, January 10, 2011

3 weeks old

It's hard to believe that 3 weeks have already gone by!  We had a good weekend.  I ventured out to Wegman's without Annabelle on Sunday which was strange after having her with me for 9 months.  Her and Brian did well at home while I was gone.  She slept most of the time and he even texted me that she was OK so I wouldn't worry.

We went to the doctor today, Annabelle has been spitting up a lot of milk after I feed her for the past day and she's not latching like I thought she should be.  The doctor in turn put me on a dairy free diet to see if that stops the spit up and they said it looks like she's doing well with the nursing, just getting used to breastfeeding and it does take time. 

Other than that all is going well.  My big project this week is working on taking all the Christmas decorations & tree down.  I posted a few pictures from the weekend, I included a picture of our other "babies" guarding the kitchen where Annabelle was sleeping.


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Uncle Curt & Aunt Tina said...

She is soo adorable!