Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 weeks

This week we have seen a lot more smiles and laughing, although Annabelle is still having some problems with gas so we have had our fair share of cries too.  She is starting to smile more and more everyday so I've been able to catch a few pictures of her beautiful smile. 

This past week flew by since we got out of the house a little more.  Monday we went to our first baby & parent yoga class.  We both had a great time, we met a lot of new people, Annabelle fell asleep by the end, and I realized that yoga is more challenging while holding a 10 pound baby!  This was very apparent on Tuesday when I woke up and both my arms and legs were hurting.  We also got out on Wednesday to a "mommy meet-up" here in Webster.  It was great to meet some other mommies in the area and get to visit. 

We are looking forward to Spring, we have plans to go look at a jogging stroller this afternoon.  This way when it does warm up Annabelle & I can go jogging during the day and go for walks with Brian, Apollo & Clyde at night.  I've almost lost all the pregnancy weight, I have about 10 more pounds to loose so the jogging should hopefully help that come off.

A new thing that fascinates Annabelle is the ceiling fan in the dining room.  I included a picture of her watching it, I don't understand how her neck doesn't get sore.  Some of the other pictures are after bath time and lots of smiles!


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Linda Elder aka Grandma Elder said...

Soon Annabelle and you will be out for your spring will so love that. Love all the pics. xo xo to Annabelle ♥