Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekly update

Things have been going well here in Rochester.  The weather has kept Annabelle and I home a majority of the time although Brian and I took her on a short shopping trip to BJ's Saturday.  She did very well, she was good riding on the cart as long as we didn't stop it.  It's also nice to go there because they have "parent with infant parking" right in front of the store so I know we won't have to walk far in this cold! 

We luckily missed the big storm that was supposed to hit today, even though we didn't get the snow Brian ended up still having another snow day!  All the schools were canceled in anticipation of the storm. 

Annabelle is growing so fast I can't believe it!  She's now into the 0-3 month clothes, hopefully for awhile because we have a ton of them.  I think this little girl will be in a different outfit everyday until she grows into 3-6month clothes!  She is also becoming more aware of everything, looking around and observing.  She spent a long time the other day staring at her hand and trying to figure out what that is.  I love having her in the bounce chair in the dining room while I get dinner ready so I can just watch her. 

Our sleeping has been amazing, for the most part she eats at 9pm then sleeps until 4-5am.  I know that I'm truly blessed that she is such a good sleeper at night!  I'm actually feeling very well rested most days.  I do try to get in a short nap in the afternoon just in case the next night isn't so great. 

Brian took a couple cute pictures of us before bedtime in our PJ's and then I took a few pictures of Annabelle in an adorable outfit that she just fit into yesterday.  Hope everyone is staying warm!


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Aunt Tina & Uncle Curt said...

She is adorable!