Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 month update

The past week has been a big one for us.  Monday was Annabelle's first Valentines Day and of course had to take a bunch of pictures of her in her heart outfits.  On Tuesday while we were doing our tummy time she rolled over from her tummy to her back on her own for the first time!  It was a very exciting moment for us since she was just shy of 2 months, which is early to roll over and also because the results from the MRI, not knowing how well her motor skills would develop.  It was almost like she was telling us that everything is going to be ok.

She had her 2 month checkup on Thursday.  Everything was good although she hadn't gained much weight since the last appointment, so we are going back in two weeks for a weight check (she's just 9lbs 8oz).  Brian bought us a scale so we can start monitoring her weight at home as well.  She also had her first round of shots which she was very good for, she barely cried while the nurse was giving them and afterward just went back to sucking the binky.  Yesterday we went in for genetics testing for Annabelle ordered by her neurologist.  They did a physical exam, detailed family history, and took about 8 vials of blood from her little arm.  She just cried from the tourniquet then settled down and sucked her binky while they took the blood.    Last night she slept from 10:30pm - 7:00am, I imagine she was worn out for such a busy day and from them taking so much blood.

I started pumping more this week so Brian can feed Annabelle in the evenings after work.  This way they get to spend quality time together and also give mommy a break, usually to cook dinner.  She is doing really well with the bottle, she usually takes 4-5 ounces and barely fusses at all unless she has gas.  I just started her on gas drops recommended by the pediatrician this morning and we are getting some probiotic drops on Monday (had to be ordered), hopefully the gas pains will be a thing of the past.  That's really the only time she cries and when it's a lot of gas boy can she scream and cry!  It makes me feel so bad, I just want to make her better.

I included a few pictures of her watching her hand.  She seems to be more and more interested in her hands and figuring out what they are.  We also bought her a couple wrist and sock rattles to explore her hands and feet more.  She hasn't caught on yet but we only got them yesterday so I'm sure it will just take a little time. 

I want to thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts & prayers.  We are taking one day at a time and appreciating the fact that we have her with us to love!


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