Wednesday, March 9, 2011

11 weeks

Things are going well here in Rochester.  The weather has been varying between freezing with snow and warmer weather (40 - 50's) with rain so we are still mainly staying at home except for the occasional shopping trips.  Annabelle, like her mommy, really seems to enjoy shopping.  We have taken her to the mall, a few plazas, and I even started taking her grocery shopping.  She sleeps for the most part or just looks around at the new surroundings and all the people who want to get a peek at the baby.  Last Thursday we took Annabelle out for dinner for the first time.  We went to Moe's, figuring it would be fast just to give it a try.  She was awake most of the time and was an absolute angel.  Now maybe we can work our way up to a sit down restaurant. 

We are still going to mommy & baby yoga on Mondays.  It's so nice to be in a room with all the other mommies and get to have our babies "socialize".  All the babies are well behaved and they really like the interaction.  What is really amazing is how well she sleeps Monday nights.  I'm thinking about getting a mommy & baby DVD so we can do it more than once a week.

Lately I've been going a little crazy with CraigsList.  I ended up buying a really nice jogging stroller, a pink Bumboo seat, and most recently a Rainforest Jumparoo.  I've included some pictures of Annabelle in the Bumboo & Jumparoo.  They are both still a little to big for her but I had to get some pictures :-).  As you can see in the pictures the dogs like Annabelle in the Jumparoo too!  I also included some other pictures I've taken over the past week, I love taking pictures.  So far I've taken over 200 every month since she's been born.  She just is so cute and has so many cute outfits I can't resist! 


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Uncle Curt & Aunt Tina said...

She is getting soo big!