Sunday, March 13, 2011

12 weeks

Not a lot of updates this week but I do have a bunch of pictures to post.  We had 3 days of almost 9 hours of sleep without getting up.  It's been so great, I really hope it's our new schedule but I'm sure she will switch it up on me soon to keep me on my toes.  On Friday we went to Jeff & Carrie's for a get together.  It was nice to get out of the house to socialize and Annabelle got to wear a new little dress and her first leotards. 

We decided to move her swing downstairs from the nursery to give us more room to play.  Annabelle seems to really like being in the office with us and the dogs are being very good with her at their level.  I also included a picture of Clyde and his new haircut.  He was shedding so bad I could vacuum almost everyday which was just getting crazy.  Since his haircut Saturday we haven't had any big clumps of hair to pick up. 

It seems like we are seeing more and more smiles everyday!  Now we can get her to smile with high pitched noises and playing peek a boo.  It's so much fun everyday to see what she's going to do next.

This past week I noticed some strange movements on the web camera while Annabelle was sleeping.  After talking to her peditrician and her neurologist we are going back for another EEG this week to make sure it's not infant spasms.   We have our fingers crossed that it's just the regular startling that babies do while sleeping.  Will keep everyone posted. 


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Beth Lanphere said...

Hi Mandy Brian, and Anabelle........I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you so much for all of the pics that you are posting of Anabelle and also for keeping us so in the loop with everything going on. My heart goes out to you as you navigate through the Dr.'s appointments, and tests required to get to the bottom of all of this. Anabelle is a lucky angel to have such a PHENOMINAL Mommy and Daddy!!! If I can help you in any way, or you just want to talk....please do NOT hesitate to give me a call, (716-338-2048) and maybe when the weather changes (I MEAN CHANGES FOR THE BETTER) we can plan a little road trip to meet our new friend......(I would rather see you in person, then just sent a gift!!!) That would be so nice. Ava and I are off together about 3 days a week now. (I am working 4 day work weeks and just working longer hours to get them all in to take one day off weekly.) So, we are up for an adventure! She will be 2 next week and honestly I cannot believe that it has gone sooooo fast!!!! She has her own little happy personality and is just a joy to be with! I get so excited when I know that I am going home to see her.......and I always get a "Hi Mama." when I come in!! LOL!!!!!Love and Hugs,Beth & Family