Sunday, February 19, 2012

14 months old

Annabelle turned 14 months yesterday and she got her 4th tooth!  We found a molar last week that had popped through and now her one top front tooth is coming in.  It seems like her teeth are all coming in at once, there are a couple others I can feel just under the skin.  She doesn't seemed too bothered by it, she has woke up a couple times during the night which is very unusual for her.  Each time she has gone back to sleep within 15-20 minutes so I don't go into her room.  Speaking of sleep, today is the 1 year mark since she has started sleeping through the night!  I'm so grateful that she likes to sleep, it's wonderful to get a good nights sleep to keep up with her during the day.

We have been very busy this past month.  Since Annabelle started walking, with our help, she hasn't wanted to stay still very long.  Unfortunately, she isn't very much interested in learning how to crawl either.  We are still working on it but it's difficult to get a toddler to crawl when she keeps trying to stand up and run around.  I'm also working on teaching her how to go up the stairs, she can do all the leg movements herself and I just hold on to her arms.  We bought her a little wagon to push and a ride on pink princess car that she can walk behind.  She likes walking with those (with my help) and we chase the dogs around the house.  We are practicing standing behind those to work on balance too.  With all the walking we had to buy Annabelle her first pair of shoes which she really likes.  She does take them off in the car but likes to walk around in them which was surprising.

This past week I took her to a local indoor playground called the Sandbox with my moms group.  She had so much fun playing with her friends and all the different toys!  We will defiantly be going back there again, her nap afterward was incredible.  Other than that not much else is new.  Just lots of fun play dates and pictures of us playing, drumming, walking, standing and having tons of fun :-)


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Aunt Winnie said...

We are happy to know that Annabelle is doing so well. The pictures are just precious, and her little personality is adorable. How wonderful that she sleeps through the night consistently. We are thinking of you, and sending our love,Aunt Winnie and Uncle Bill