Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hip surgery update

Last Thursday, Valentine's Day, Annabelle was scheduled to have her hip surgery.  We arrived to the hospital at 7:15 as requested and as we rounded the corner of the peds surgical unit we received a call that all surgeries that required an overnight stay were being cancelled because they didn't have any beds left on the peds floor.  We finally got to speak to someone in administration and they rescheduled us for Saturday surgery, which they typically do not do except for emergencies. 

On Saturday morning we arrived at the hospital and were brought right back to get ready for surgery.    After seeing the nurse and changing into a gown the anesthesiologist came in to introduce herself and check on Annabelle.  She was concerned about her cough and cold that Annabelle had for a few days, the cough being worse that morning.  After speaking with the doctor they decided to cancel the surgery and reschedule in 4 weeks once the cold has passed.  They were concerned the cold could develop into pneumonia post-op which is very serious and since she will be in a cast she wouldn't be able to cough or clear her chest which could be painful.

So yesterday I called and we are on the schedule for March 19th, typically times go by age so we are early morning.  She will then be in the cast for 6 weeks after that.  We appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers we can get and I will post an update after the surgery is done.

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Denise said...

Mandy you are in my thought and prayers. Your Mom has keep me posted. Hopefully the date will come up fast and it will be over in no time..Love ya