Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall 2013

We have been so busy this fall that I just realized I haven't written a blog since we were in Erie.  School is going so well.  Annabelle absolutely loves her teacher, new friends and her therapists!  She is excited everyday to go and very tired after.  I couldn't be happier with it either.  We have been seeing some great progress since she started.  

She is now pulling to stand, cruising, has taken a couple steps and I even saw her crawl yesterday at school.  Some days I stay for a PT session to see what she's working on which is so great.  She is also starting to "talk" a lot more with making different sounds and able to vocalize when prompted.  We work hard every day in the morning on our new skills then she will typically nap an hour before lunch then school in the afternoon.  Once a week we have horse therapy which she is still enjoying!  She stands, rides backward and she got to trot this week which she loved!  When I tell her she will see Prince Charming she is so very happy.  

This fall we visited a few different farms.  We did all kinds of activities and got to enjoy three petting zoos.  We carved three pumpkins for Halloween, a Jake the Pirate, Doc McStuffins (both Disney), a traditional, and then Annabelle painted her pumpkin from school.  For Halloween Annabelle dressed as a pirate princess.  We went trick or treating the day before at the Center for Disability with our friend Riley and his mom then she got to trick or treat at school in her kidwalk walker.  After school we took her around the neighborhood in her wagon.  She had a button she could press and it said "trick or treat".  She liked having a voice and even signed thank you to everyone.  She ended up with two huge bags of candy at the end and I felt bad she could only have the pretzels and toys but since she has never eaten candy I guess she doesn't know any better.  Brian took it all to work to share, I'm sure his coworkers enjoyed all the candy.

We are planning on heading to Erie for Thanksgiving then we will be celebrating Annabelle's 3rd birthday and Christmas.  I'm sure I will have 100's of pics to post for each.  Hope all is well with everyone!!

We had a little photo shoot in the neighbors yard, I took the pics and my girlfriend and her son made Annabelle smile :) 

Halloween at school

Annabelle's teacher Laurie (left) and her PT Linda (right)
Going trick or treating in her kidwalk at school 

Feeding Prince Charming (PC)

climbed up the stairs on her own

Playing dress up 

Halloween tutu I won on Facebook contest

Our neighbor Emerson taking Annabelle for a walk

Annabelle and her friend Grace at the zoo

Her first Oreo - we found out they are dairy free and she loves them!

Jumping with mommy on the big pillow

Pirate girl photo shoot

working on crawling at school

taking a walk in her tricycle

Her new Learning Tower (technically a birthday present)

Sophia the First pumpkin

Silly glasses at the Equicenter
 PC with a witches hat - he wore it for the entire lesson

Last day on the boat 

Annabelle and Grace at the farm

Huge spider web

Her favorite - the bike cars.  We had to ride 3 times.

She loves her tower!

Carving pumpkins with daddy

Getting ready to paint her pumpkin

On the train at the museum

Princess bath - pink water, jewelry to search for, and a tiara 

Her new pillow, she loves it!

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Grandma Linda said...

Looking forward to seeing you all for A "Merry Thanksgiving." Tell Annabelle there will be Birthday and Christmas presents for her to open.