Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving in Erie

We had a wonderful long weekend in Erie with PaPa Eric and Grandma Linda!  We also got to see Annabelle's cousins Curtis & Sydney and Uncle Curt & Aunt Tina.  The twins turned 13 on Tuesday, December 2 and since Annabelle's birthday is the 18th we had a birthday celebration for them.

We met a new PMG friend via Facebook a few months ago.  We found out they not only live in Upstate NY but live in the same town as us!  Jason is 2 1/2 and we got to meet him and his mommy for a play date before Thanksgiving.  It was so great to meet them both, we had a fun time and can't wait to get together with them again!

Annabelle has been very busy the past few months.  She has started taking steps on her own, the most she has taken is 7-8 by herself she took 10 yesterday at school (I started this earlier this week)!!  This is such an amazing thing to watch after working on it for years!!  She has also started holding her own sippy cup to drink and hold her own bottle (it's a work in progress).  She also has become much more vocal.  She can make sounds when trying to "talk" now and is getting much louder which is great!

There are so many things I'm sure I'm missing, I'll just jump to the best part - pictures.  For some reason they are not in order but I won't worry about that.

Family Christmas photo shoot

I took some pictures down the street in the leaves

<3 this picture, so sweet! 


Ready for snow!

 Decorating for Christmas in short sleeves :)

Our new PMG friend Jason

Opening birthday presents at Grandma Linda & Papa's house

Loved the tissue paper the most!

 New blanket for her crib (made by Grandma)

Grandma Linda reading in the morning

Papa's turn to read to her

More presents (after looking through black Friday ads)

New doll from Uncle Curt & Aunt Tina, equestrian doll like Annabelle

Standing for pictures

Curtis, Annabelle & Sydney

Silly morning  

After dinner at Jimmy Z's (old college hangout)

Clyde laid at the top of the stairs, the closest he could get to Annabelle upstairs 

Playing on the ipad 

Daddy putting together her new doll house she got for Christmas

Annabelle and her birthday tree

Decorated her table for Christmas

Bundled up for Horse therapy, barn will be heated in January!

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