Thursday, December 19, 2013

3rd Birthday . . . continued

Thought I would post pictures from yesterday, opening presents and enjoying her cupcake.  She got to open presents from us, our neighbors dropped off a gift, mom-mom & pop-pop Kresge, and Uncle Darrell & Aunt Diann.

She opened all her birthday presents from papa Eric, Grandma Linda and her Aunt Tina & Uncle Curt when we were in Erie for Thanksgiving.  Her birthday is really a month long celebration :-)  Today she gets to bring in snack for school and they will sign happy birthday to her.

Playing with water beads 

The birthday princess

She loved the balloons

Ready to eat

We were putting the balloons against our lips and humming 

It was pajama day at school, we found xmas pj's with a tutu

 So excited to open presents

Looking around at all her presents 

Annabelle is signing thank you for all the presents

We <3 cupcakes!!

After this it was straight to the bath!

 She went to the beanbag while playing.  Ready for milk & bed, it's been a very big day!

Our living room looks like Christmas is over!  Time to clean up to make room for Santa.

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