Friday, August 29, 2014

NYS Fair 2014

Since school is almost back we decided to take a day to head to Syracuse for the NYS Fair.  We had a great day, although it was a little windy.  Annabelle loved all the animals and fun rides and she even went on her first ferris wheel.  A lot of pictures are of the back of her head since she was standing with daddy seeing the animals.

Friday we have another play date with friends then next Wednesday is her first day of Preschool at CP Rochester.  

Petting a baby chick

she loved the cows - ironic since she's dairy free

Our first trip around the ferris wheel

Very windy but she's asking for "more"

View of part of the fair from the top

Petting baby goats

Checking out all the animals

She loved this dinosaur until it roared, then she almost ran to us

Going into the petting zoo

The camel was taking a break

She pet all the animals, no matter how big

This camel was overly friendly!

Little zebra - it was so soft, like a pony

Educational show about a Macaw, Tortoise, and a Lemur 

<3 love this picture

Daddy riding with Annabelle on the gold mine train

Pig races, you can barely see them.  It was a funny show.

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