Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Sandbox

We've been so busy I've barely had time to check email let alone blog.  I didn't take pictures at the splash park on Friday and only a couple at our friends house Monday.  We went to the Sandbox yesterday, an indoor play area with tons of toys, games, and bounce houses.  We met up with her friend from preschool, Julia and her sister Katie (and of course their mom).  They had a great time, we spent 3 hours playing there.  After nap we went outside and ran around the yard, played in the water table and her playhouse.

From left clockwise - Amy, Josie, Ella, and Annabelle
This was the only picture I could get of all four of them.

Swinging at Ella's house

Being so silly watching videos while I packed lunch

pulling out dress up clothes

jumping in the bounce house with a new friend

cooking in the pretend kitchen

dancing on the light up floor

Annabelle, Julia and Katie (peeking in the window)

going in the playhouse (on her own!!)

Pushing Annabelle around in a car, she loved this

This was Annabelle's favorite!  If we had the room I would get her one.

That smile, as soon as she stopped she would sign more

<3 her

I pulled her all around the back yard on the parachute.
She was loving it, I was out of breath and sweating!

playing in her house

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