Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our fun July

July was a very busy month!  It started out with a relaxing 4th of July weekend.  We went to the Strong Museum with friends and had a fun day, BBQ at a friends, and playing outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

Annabelle was doing great with her toddler bed and the week after the 4th she was walking toward the bed and tripped over the blanket on the floor (which was there in case she fell out of bed).  She fell and hit her face right on the corner of the post.  She ended up with a really bad black eye which you can see in some pictures.  About a week later it was gone, it never seemed to bother her, just looked bad.  Since then she has been crawling in & out without incident.  I think we are both a little more careful now.

The following Friday we headed to Erie to visit Grandma Linda & PaPa Eric.  That Saturday we traveled a bit further south to Marienville, PA for the annual Early Hoedown.  It was very special because Annabelle got to see PaPa Walt (my grandpa) and Great Grandma Shirley, they were up from Florida.  They haven't seen Annabelle since she was an infant so it was nice for them to see her walking all around.  We also got to see my mom's brothers, wives and kids.  It was a fun day then we headed back to Rochester that Sunday.  Definitely a lot of time in the car but very worth it to see everyone.

We are also keeping busy riding horses, music therapy, & preschool every afternoon.  Always on the run, it seems like this summer is flying by!  Hoping to get a couple day trips in August, we are done with the summer program August 15th so we will have almost 3 weeks before school starts back up.

Grandma Linda's house - opening presents

Fun at the museum with Jessica, Morgan, and Jason

Playing with the big kids in Berenstain Bears country (museum of play) 

More cow bell!  Annabelle at music therapy

Just hanging out :)

Driving her car <3

Silly girl wearing fake glasses

Being even more silly

Ready for school

Giving the dog a hug at school

Little monkey at music therapy

Nothing says summer like pig tails <3

Black eye :(  This doesn't show how bad it really looked

Fun with Apollo & Clyde - BFF's 

Riding her horse in her cowgirl PJ's

New jump-o-lene - so much fun!

loves her play doh

Finger puppet bath fun.

All ready to go out for a run

little multi-tasker - proslate, chalkboard, and iPad

dancing at the museum

Daddy in the pool with Annabelle - we need a bigger pool LOL 

Annabelle & PaPa Walt


Uncle Paul, Uncle Andy, Grandpa Walt, Shirley and my mom <3

spouses added 

Entire family

The Elder side (less my brother Kevin and his family)

Silly Annabelle

Checking Grandmas cupboards

Clyde is so tolerant!

Family pic

Swimming fun with her friend Grace

Finger painting

Annabelle painting

evil eyebrows - still cute as can be ;-)

daddy painting

I made out pretty good - just a little on my face & legs 

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Unknown said...

Wonderful visit with you all! Weekend just went by too fast. Annabelle was a perfect angel as always��