Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Birthday & Happy Christmas

December was a very busy month for us!  Between birthdays, activities, school, cards, appointments, and Christmas we had very little free time.  We had 17 gifts to make for therapists, teachers, and aides.  Annabelle had lots of fun helping to make the Christmas Potpourri and peppermint sugar scrub.  We also ordered special cards from her to hand out to everyone.

Annabelle is doing great at her gymnastics and dance classes.  I have seen a big difference in her hand strength since she has started!  They do a lot of hanging, climbing, and balance exercises.  She is always asking if we have class and is sad if I say no.

She is doing amazing with her Proslate communication device.  When we got it back in April our speech therapist had us set it up with 20 choices on each page and thought that would last Annabelle a year or so before she would have the accuracy to add buttons.  Last month we removed the keyguard and this month increased her choices on almost all the pages to 30.  Her SLP couldn't believe how accurate she was and how easily she accepted the change.  

Unfortunately we have almost come to the end of napping.  She will still sleep in the car after school and sometimes at home for an hour but for the most part we are past it.  Something that definitely makes this mommy sad.  That was the only time I had to do anything since when Annabelle is awake she is very demanding and will not play independently yet.  Most of my day is on the floor of the playroom playing Doc McStuffins or My little Pony.  Not that I don't love playing with her but after a few hours I could use a little break ;-)

Her 4th birthday was the 18th, she had a wonderful day.  She brought in snack the day before because on her actual birthday they did a night before Christmas and wore PJ's.  The following day santa came to hand out gifts and they had a big party.  Annabelle was thrilled with snack - pretzels and frosting.

We were up at 6:30 on Christmas day (our typical time to wake up).  We had milk and looked at the presents then started opening around 8am.  This year it only took about 2 hours to open everything.  Annabelle had so much fun and loved everything Santa brought!  

Elf week at dance class <3

First smile on Santa's lap!

Our Christmas card this year

Playing while we wait for gymnastics

All ready for dance class

Miss July in the Equicenter 2015 calendar

Birthday hat from school

PJ day at school

She loves painting

Birthday tiara 

waiting at Step by Step for OT

New early reading books

proper way to eat a cupcake
(according to Annabelle)

playing doctor with Clyde

All he needed was a cuddle

More santa smiles

Watching Santa's video on Portable North Pole

finger paints for her birthday from her friend Ella

Birthday balloon

My little pony from Mom Mom & Pop Pop for her birthday

birthday cupcake <3

Santa arriving at school on a horse!

Santa was a RPD officer from the mounted police dept.

playing the sneaky snacky squirrel game

Opening her birthday present from Lucas

Loved her ladybug!!

Decorating cupcakes with Lucas

Birthday present from Uncle Darrell and Aunt Diann

It isn't Christmas Eve without something to assemble

Santa came!!  All ready for Annabelle

peeking into her stocking

Olaf from Uncle Darrell and Aunt Diann

Our best present - an ornament Annabelle made at school and wrapped <3

peeking under to see what she got

So excited!  She loved the Doc McStuffins Checkup Center!

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