Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

As 2014 comes to an end and we begin 2015, like many, I'm reflecting back on our amazing year.  I saw on a blog I follow that they did top 10 list and thought I would write my own.  

Top 10 things that happened at the Kresge house in 2014:
  1. Best moment of the year was Annabelle starting to walk, when she was diagnosed at 2 months old we were told she may never walk.  She proved them wrong :) 
  2. In April we received Annabelle's ProSlate which has become her voice.  She has taken to it and does amazing!  Everyone is so impressed with how fast she navigates around to say what she is thinking.
  3. Annabelle is vocalizing so much more.  No words other than mama but her muscles are getting stronger and we hope and pray 2015 could be the year for her speech.
  4. Her fine motor skills have improved a lot.  She is now using more mature grasping patterns and less of the raking motions.
  5. We added lots of fun activities later in the year.  Now we have gymnastics, music, horse therapy, and dance class.  I'm looking into a special yoga for over the winter, it's taught by an OT.
  6. In November we started going to a feeding therapy at Step by Step (the agency we used for EI so we get to see lots of old faces).  We have already seen so many improvements, now we have worked up to fork mashed foods rather than puree.
  7. Annabelle rode in her first horse show.  She did a great job!
  8. Daddy celebrated his 40th birthday!  We had a big party for him and all had a great time.
  9. We started riding at Never Say Never stables in Webster for the summer.
  10. Another year seizure free!!!!!!!  
That about sums up our year.  Lots of new friends, old friends, fun, & play dates.  We also had some tears, hard work, and a lot of determination.  Looking forward to what 2015 brings.  Happy New Year!

Valentines week

Visit from Grandma and PaPa Elder

Horse show

Father's Day pic

Flat Stanley came from our friend Sean in CA

Holding a snake at the museum bday party

Easter at Eastview mall

best buds <3

Fun with daddy at the park

New Mercedes

New big girl bed!

New splash park

Hanging out with Ella at a fundraiser

Love our car naps


haircut at Golden Shears

with Scarlett after school on Halloween

First time at the circus

2nd year of preschool pics

Thanksgiving with cousins Curtis & Sydney

On the Dancing with Denise float for the electric parade

Annabelle playing with Annabel before gymnastics

Smiles for santa

Lots of snow to play in

St Patricks Day parade (this year she will walk in it)


New house - even Clyde likes it!

With her friends at her 1/2 birthday party in June

Zoo fun with daddy

4th of July

Pool fun at Grace's house

Doing some painting 

At the zoo with her friend Grace

Shaving cream fun

Add caption

First dance class 

First ferris wheel - she loved it

Annabelle & Scarlett at a local farm before Halloween

Minnie before trick or treating

Family selfie
Watching santa's video to her on Portable North Pole

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