Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving and more

We had a wonderful time in Erie for Thanksgiving.  We celebrated with lots of food, a birthday party for Annabelle (4 on Dec 18th) and Curtis & Sydney (14 on Dec 2nd), and Christmas with my parents.  Luckily that winter storm in Buffalo hit the week before and most of the snow was melted by the time we made our trip down I-90!

Last weekend we got to be in the Webster Electric Parade.  Annabelle's dance instructor asked her to be on the float with all the other little girls.  It was lots of fun and she loved waving to all the people along the streets!  

We have been getting ready for Christmas, decorating and having pictures done.  I finished Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving so it's one less thing to worry about this month.  I have a lot more pics on my phone that have yet to be transferred but I was up early this morning so I wanted to get some up while I had time. 

So excited about the Christmas Tree!

My little elf <3

Annabelle & I on the Dancing with Denise float, our first parade

LOVE this smile!

Our happy family

Lucas and Annabelle hanging out

They could be twins <3 <3 <3

Annabelle's preschool picture

Giving Clyde some love

American Girl fashion show, she loved it!

Annabelle and her friend Scarlett at the show

New dance outfit from Grandma

Annabelle and Sydney

Curtis, Sydney, & Annabelle - cousins <3

Birthday cupcakes

putting on her makeup with Grandma Linda

Playing with daddy (under the blanket)

She's showing me her makeup here, so fancy!

Dress up outfits she got for Christmas

First year with no tears :)  She was all smiles for Santa!

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