Sunday, December 18, 2016

Birthday and party # 2 - oh what a day!

Today was Annabelle's actual birthday.  We started off the day with some presents then went to ice skating.  They sang happy birthday to her and Santa was even there!  Such a fun time :-)

After that a few neighbors came over to play and have cake.  They all had lots of fun with a Trolls birthday party and playing in the basement.  I made her cake as well as I could into a Poppy troll.  The kids all loved it and after the party there wasn't any left.

We opened the rest of the presents then off to bath and bed.  I have a feeling Annabelle will sleep well tonight <3

Decorating for the party

My best attempt at a Trolls cake, the kids LOVED it!
Especially since it was rainbow inside!!

Gifts from mom-mom and pop-pop

Doing the calendar for her birthday <3

Annabelle, Grace, and Sarah

Neighbor birthday party

Rainbow cake

birthday balloons - so fun!

Balloon tent LOL

bathtub painting

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