Friday, December 23, 2016

Oh what fun!

This week has been full of fun, surprises, and parties!  The week between Annabelle's birthday and Christmas is dedicated to cookie baking, present making, and opening presents that are both birthday and Christmas.  It's a little crazy but so much fun!

Treats for the teachers at school

Playing with the new stamps

Her own crockpot to make hot coco (dairy free version)

She loves cooking!

Frozen blanket from our friend Wendy, she loved it!

Out waiting for the bus, making shoe prints in the snow

Birthday celebration at school, ready to read her book

so excited I was there at school

She kept trying to put the crown on me

Annabelle and Mrs Gilbert

Everyone signed the poster for her birthday, all the kindergarten kids and teachers <3

Being crazy in the learning tower

Some ornament gifts for teachers

craft day

best picture I could get in this outfit

Bug and his winter jacket

All ready for the holiday party at school

Arts and crafts

Pajama day at school

New Squad shirt from my trainer Trish <3

Opening Wendy's gift

Opening a happy box from friends in Mississippi

LOVES the trolls!!

Looks like Christmas already happened #decemberBirthday

Christmas party day 
Silly girl

Giving Mrs Gilbert her gift

Handing out ornaments to the teachers

Doing some more stamping

PJ day, silly girl!!

After school Play Doh fun

Looks like she has Bug in a headlock

He's always right there, checking things out

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