Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fall 2016

Annabelle started kindergarten in the fall and for the first couple weeks it was strange to have her gone the entire day.  That quickly passed and now the days fly by and before I know it, it's 4pm and time for the bus.

We have had such a fun Fall!  October is always so much fun, filled with Halloween activities.  Trick or treating at the Garden Factory, the village, school and in our neighborhood.  The day before Halloween we had some neighbors come over for a party, we had over 50 people!  We played minute to win it games, did arts and crafts and even had a photo booth.  Everyone had so much fun, even with the cold weather and rain.

Annabelle started ice skating with Gliding Stars of Rochester.  She skates every Sunday and absolutely loves it!  There is even an ice show where they perform in February.  She is still dancing at Dancing with Denise once a week and is even going in on her own without mommy (some days).  We have cut back activities this fall to make sure her transition to kindergarten was a smooth one.

Kindergarten is going so well!  Annabelle loves school, her teacher and everyone she meets.  She is in a self contained classroom with 4 friends.  At first I was concerned that she wouldn't be socialized enough but they have exceeded my expectations week over week.  Her teacher is just amazing and really makes everyday individualized for her and her abilities.  Throughout the day she is integrated into a "typical" or GenEd classroom for different activities then also has all of her therapies mixed in (PT, OT, Speech, Vision, Music).  She started with specials (Art & music) then began having Choice time, then the PE teacher decided to integrate her and now she is also doing some reading, sight words and other fun things in the class.  She is making so many new friends and sometimes even chooses to sit with them at lunch.  

We went to Erie for Thanksgiving once again this year and had a wonderful weekend.  After coming home we started decorating for Christmas and Annabelle's birthday.  Her parties are today (Chuck E Cheese) and tomorrow (neighbor kids at our house) along with ice skating where they will sing to her (and Santa will be there).  Monday I go into her class to read to the kids and do a craft.  I will be sure to post a birthday blog with lots of pictures!

Annabelle in her first school Halloween parade

Mrs Gilbert and Annabelle (post cookie)

All ready for dance <3

Twins!!  Annabelle was so excited!!
Kisses from Bug

My little fairy princess

Annabelle and Bug at his first vet appointment

Visiting WXXI - our local PBS station

New snow suit for winter

She loves the hair salon!!

Her scarecrow at school

ice skating with Gliding Stars

Kindergarten school photo

The last 5k of the summer, right before halloween

cooking at school

Getting the tree out, so exciting!


ready for some boxing

Before a Disney show

Watching a movie

Annabelle and Kaylee - they skate together
every week (Kaylee helps her)

Goofball - going to workout with mommy on a snow day

Thanksgiving hat

Bunny robe

Annabelle's birthday tree

date night <3 

Mommy and Annabelle in Erie for Thanksgiving

My little superhero

House all decorated for Christmas

Annabelle's Christmas card

Family Christmas card

Extra year in review card

Donating toys to Golisano Children's Hospital

Bug and Clyde hanging out together
they are becoming friends

three goof balls!

This is often how I find them, chewing on toys together <3

Apple picking

Super Annabelle at the zoo

Annabelle and Elsa

Making apple crisp

Fall hayride

Chloe and Annabelle

library trick or treating

Village trick or treating

Annabelle and fireman Mike

Our pumpkins

Gia and Annabelle after trick or treating

Ella, Annabelle, and Gia handing out candy

The switch witch bought a peppa pig house

December birthdays!  Sydney & Curtis are 16 and Annabelle will be 6

Festival of Trees in Erie

Letter to Santa

Our Christmas tree

New vanity from Uncle Curt and Aunt Tina

Ready to bake cookies

Light parade in the village

Breakfast with Santa

silly girl <3 

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What a beautiful collection of photos! Annabelle is one busy little girl!