Saturday, June 6, 2020

Quarantine week 12

Another fun week in the neighborhood!  Annabelle had her Zoom dance recital Sunday.  It was lots of fun and she did great!  We definitely missed the in person production of a recital but we made it special as did her teachers and Ashford Dance Company!

We had a Taco Truck come to our house Tuesday and a neighbor had an ice cream truck Thursday.  We decided to start inviting food trucks once a week to give us a break on cooking everyday.

School is almost over, this past week most of our learning with zoom sessions with a few lessons in between.  The warm weather has made it tough to stay inside for school!  We swam a lot and also did lots of other outside fun!

Helping me fold laundry

Taco truck and amazing pork / shrimp tacos

Having fun in the umbrella box

We made a ship

All ready for recital

new adaptive dress from Kohl's

Planting some veggies 

Helping make her fairy garden

watching her iPad, silly girl

getting her own snack, I think this is too much!

ready to swim!

snack break while swimming with friends

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