Saturday, June 13, 2020

Quarantine week 13

This week was full of lots of Zoom calls, swimming, and yard work.  We are still staying home even though Rochester has moved into phase 3 which includes opening restaurants and other stores.  All of my reading, talking to doctors, along with my gut, tells me that we should just enjoy our home this summer and keep practicing social distancing as much as possible.  I may venture out here and there (always wearing a mask) but Annabelle won't be joining me anytime soon 😢  She's my favorite shopping buddy, I miss wondering the stores with her (and Brian on weekends).  

Love eating dinner outside!

Removed all the rock and replaced landscape fabric, 2 day job!

All finished

Our little helper!

Dancing in her new Mal dress (Descendants)

Social distancing is hard

Annabelle's PT came to visit and bring her a present.

Loves her new dress, wore it 4 days in a row before I could sneak it into the washer

Ready to swim!!

Swimming with friends

Working on writing some letters, school is almost over!!

Neighborhood sushi truck, new food truck every week

Riding her scooter.  She's gotten so tall we had to get her a new one.

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