Sunday, June 21, 2020

Quarantine week 14

Busy week, last day of school Monday followed that evening with Margaritas and some street meat in the neighborhood.  Wednesday we had the meatball truck come to the hood and Friday was device drop off and our final summer goodbye to Dewitt!  The weather has been beautiful so we have also been in the pool almost everyday with friends!  Happy Summer, let the fun continue :-) 

Ready to swim!

The meatballs were amazing!

Yay, last day of school!

Waiting for her teachers to visit

So happy to get to say goodbye to her teachers in person!
Gifts from the teachers

Neighborhood pizza & painting party

New dress from Grandma Linda
Margareta Monday, hooray for the last day of distance learning!!

Decorated the car for teacher visit and to say goodbye
Driveway painting

We love daddy working from home!  Breaks mean he comes and plays for a few minutes <3 

Beautiful day to swim with friends!
AB's first trip out, a quick run into Walmart to pick up teacher cards.

Washing rocks and then her legs LOL
New scooter!

First ride on the new scooter
Beautiful days & beautiful sunsets!

Decorating her teacher's cards
Ready to say goodbye

Annabelle's aide since kindergarten <3 

Harper loves doing hair, Annabelle loves being her client

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