Friday, September 4, 2020

Quarantine week 25

 Our last full week of summer!  We had fun getting out a little bit, dropping off meds at school, and playing with friends.  Even though most of our days look the same it's been an amazing summer.  We have definitely slowed down and done a lot more simple things at home.  Playing cars in the basement, making wooden pizzas, laying on the couch watching a movie in the afternoon - I will always cherish these moments with Brian and Annabelle without having to go out and keep a schedule of activities.  I'm not sure I will feel the same when we are stuck inside for the winter, I will look back on these weeks of summer and count down to spring.  We are starting to look toward Christmas and what fun things we can add to our inside to keep us busy :-) 

Setting up the race track

Our part time school space, tons of games, worksheets, manipulatives, therapy toys, arts & crafts - we are ready!

New magnetic white board for lessons, below is our work table and it's also a sensory bin under the top.

We went through baby toys to give away, Annabelle found a new love for her little piano

Tried out a canoe in the Irondequoit creek with friends 

Such beautiful views

An OMG LOL party on the golf cart
Getting in every second of swimming before it's too cold

Having some pretend pizza then finished it off with a pretend ice cream with my girl

These two are best buddies

Cleaning the golf cart

My first trip to Target in 6 months.  I was there 10 minutes and bought one thing :-\


Homemade sauce (insta pot), chicken parm, & eggplant parm (air fryer)

making her bracelet for the first day of school

backyard tent fun

Beautiful sunset

Sunrise the next morning

Some evening bouncing at our neighbors, Annabelle LOVED it!

The girls had a blast, so grateful for amazing next door neighbors!!

Decided to put up a tent in the back yard to play in :-) 

Working on some school skills

Mask, purse, wand, crown - check, check, check & check!  

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