Sunday, September 27, 2020

Quarantine week 28

 Another wonderful week full of fun, friends, school, and even swimming!  While a lot of people are going out and not worrying about COVID we are still staying the course.  This means we have to be careful who we let Annabelle play with to keep her healthy.  Who knows if we are doing the right thing but we are doing what is right for us with the information we know today.  We can't regret taking too many precautions, this will only have the outcome we are striving for which is Annabelle staying healthy!

Beautiful sunrise

playdoh fun

that smile is everything to me
my first paper flowers

walking with our neighbors
LOL surprise for being brave and getting her flu shot

Working on her math, 1:1 correspondence 

My new craft area, using Brian's laptop for now

Annabelle's craft area next to me

Vinyl on canvas, my first try   
She loves driving the golf cart,
the best COVID investment ever!!!

More math practice
Playing in the craft room

Annabelle's new room decoration, vinyl on painted wood

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