Saturday, September 12, 2020

Quarantine week 26

This has been a busy week for us!  It started with Labor day weekend and we decided to have a small gathering of a few neighbors.  We missed having big neighborhood parties this summer so it was amazing to hear all the laughter in our back yard again before fall.  These are all families who have been in our quarantine bubble this summer.

Tuesday we went to see the new classroom and meet Annabelle's team.  Everyone was so kind and excited for school to start.  We saw her new desk and dropped off her supplies. 

Thursday was her first day of 3rd grade.  It's been 181 days since she was in school!  She was so excited at drop off that I couldn't get her out of her car seat.  When she's over excited the tone in her arms is so high I can barely straighten them out.  She had a fantastic first 2 days and can't wait to go back Monday.  It is a short day but I set up things for the afternoon to keep her busy at home.  Overall a very successful week back!  Hopefully all the precautions they are taking will keep our kids safe <3 

Striking a pose in her new outfit

Some gifts for neighbors who are teachers,
something to help them "Relax" before school starts

Ready for a little party

Love them!!

Everyone had so much fun!

Night golf cart ride

Picking out earrings

All giggles after having her
ears pierced, not one tear!



Dance party on the way to school

We LOVE Dewitt

This was her reaction when I asked her how the first day went

Love her daily log, this way I can see what
she's doing and we can talk about her day

After school reading from her book bin

Working on her afternoon homework.  Since the rest of the class
goes full day, the teacher will send home any work that's done in the
afternoon for us to work on.

Working on numbers outside (while we still can)

Some chalking fun with friends

Second day of school for my panda

Prepping for our afternoon

Put these activities together to work on while she eats lunch

What's the best part about 1/2 days? 
Getting more time with friends after lunch & work is done!

Love these three, their friendship is so special!

Friendship bracelets 

Having some fun, pointing out numbers

Working on visual and OT skills

Coloring a picture for her teacher.  She insisted on
scanning and emailing it when she was done. 

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