Saturday, May 23, 2020

Quarantine week 10

Week 10 - the one where it finally warmed up!  Another week with lots of zooms but also lots of fun outside in the sun.  We even got into the pool when it hit 80 degrees.

Multitasking, iPad & Barbies

morning yoga


Chalking a message on a friends driveway

Chalking with neighbors

Dance party!

Always has to bring music for walks

Zoom with Coach John from Miracle League baseball & soccer <3 

Working hard on ELA

Drumming Annabelle style

Picking out a snack

Giving manicures

Bug has been such a good sport through all this.  He's just happy to be included in playing.

Annabelle has started setting the table for us everynight

Silly girl while I was doing a spin class

New obstacle course

Bike riding, she is getting fast!

Checking the pool temp, still too cold!

Zoom sight word BINGO with her teachers

pulling each other around, we have such amazing neighbors!

Finally in the pool!!

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