Friday, May 1, 2020

Quarantine week 7

This week has been a big one!  It was a busy week with zoom & facebook lives for school, my birthday was Tuesday and today Governor Cuomo announced that school is cancelled for the remainder of the academic year.

Things have gotten so crazy that I started using my white board (normally used for cleaning & to-dos) to keep track of our schedule.  I also use Alexa to remind us for afternoon & evening meetings because it's so easy to forget.

Tuesday I turned 44 and it was an amazing birthday!  Typically we would go out for dinner on a special occasion but instead I pulled some Gumbo I previously made out of the freezer & even found a bag of shrimp to put in mine!  It was almost like someone else cooked our dinner.  A few neighbors came over for a social distancing happy hour which was really great!  It's so nice to get to hang out with everyone again, even if we do have to stay over 6' apart. 

That brings us to today, May 1st.  Cuomo came on for his daily briefing and announced that schools are officially closed until Fall.  We have mixed emotions about this decision.  On one hand keeping Annabelle home is the best way to keep her safe and healthy.  On the other hand, some days are very long!  When she finds things hard (math) she melts down or won't do the work and it's so frustrating!  I might have made a good teacher but more of a general education, not special ed.  Although many teacher friends have told me that teaching your own kids is completely different than teaching others.

Overall things are going well here in our part of the world.  Weather is starting to get a bit warmer and the pool opens up in 11 days.  Don't know how long before we can actually swim in it but it's one step closer!

This entire situation is so bizarre but it could honestly be so much worse!  We have it pretty easy, being quarantined with the 3 of us in our wonderful home, healthy, & surrounded by the people we love!

Spring is here!  Pulling out all the furniture.

Getting ready for music therapy with my amazing friend Chaney!  

I've found this fluid schedule is working great for Annabelle. 
We can do AM / PM or the entire day.

Working on typing sight words into her ProSlate

All 5 of our butterflies are out!

Riding her bike, we have to run just to keep up with her now.

This is my daily workout.  Burn Bootcamp on the TV, Annabelle right there. 

Doing speech therapy via Zoom and trying hard not to touch the iPad.

Monkey balance math

Getting ready for kitty music therapy

Working on adding 1 to a number

spelling more sight words

Typing sentences, she's getting pretty fast!

putting together her own snack, working on independence

Does anyone else still have this Tupperware set from the 80's?

Annabelle is an essential employee


Working on some art

Facebook messenger with friends

She's all smiles, most of the time

It's Hello Kitty!  Lots of fun playing <3

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