Saturday, May 16, 2020

Quarantine week 9

Wow, we have passed over 2 month mark of stay at home or pause orders in NYS.  Our region is starting to lift restrictions this week with phase 1, manufacturing and construction.  Other areas of the country have opened up completely. 

We plan on continuing doing what we are doing.  Grocery store once a week and that is it for going out unless we need something we can get with curbside pickup.  This week we have been allowing Annabelle to play with neighbors outside but with supervision, no touching, and no sharing toys.  It's just been too hard on her not to have interaction with them, especially now that the weather is warming up.  Everyone is being really cautious so we don't mind expanding our quarantine circle for (all of our) mental health.

Snow in May!  We have had enough of this!!

Tapping cups, working on balance for her PT

My beautiful mother's day card!  It was a quiet
 day spent at home with my two favorite people.

Counting, numbers, and some OT practice 

Arts & Crafts are her favorite

Brushing her dolls hair

More number & OT work

Too many iPads!  Play, school, 2 for her communication and one for tv & special apps.

Chalking with our neighbors, this is when I realized she needed her friend time!

Stacking boxes while I workout

We made another driveway obstacle course!  She loves it and some neighbors came and tried it out too.  Great social distance playing.

We released our 5 butterflies, she's saying goodbye

This one hung out in the rocks for a few minutes then flew away

Making numbers with manipulatives , always more math
The pool was opened on May 12th, it snowed a little that afternoon.  Looking forward to warmer days so we can spend them in the pool!

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