Sunday, August 16, 2020

Quarantine week 22

Last Saturday Annabelle and I went to Wickham for the u-pick part of our CSA.  She had a great time and it was nice to get out of the house.  Other than Wegmans that was our only time outside of the neighborhood this week (again LOL).

Most days were more of the same, golf cart & pool days with some silly fun in between.  This summer has been rough, Annabelle only has a few friends she can play with to keep our circle small.  Annabelle's health is at the forefront of our minds everyday with everything we do.  We still see other friends but more socially distant.  In past summers our days were packed with tons of friends and activities, running all around without a worry.  It's hard on her (and us) but I'm trying to keep everything as fun as possible and not focus on what we can't do.  

We have a couple fun surprises for her this week.  Since she doesn't sweat & overheats so quickly our outdoor activities have to be planned with breaks either indoors or in the water.  This week looks to be a bit cooler so we can do a few fun trips out without having to worry about her overheating.

Yesterday our neighborhood put on a 5k & walk for a neighbor who is going through cancer.  It was overwhelming to see the support that was shown.  It was an amazing event, I was so grateful to be a part of it. 

Finally, I got the approval to send her 1/2 days this fall to school.  All the self contained classes are going full day but I didn't want her being exposed to others for 6 hours a day and having to go to the nurse for meds & to get hooked up for lunch.  They approved for her to just go 2.5 hours in the AM like the general ed students in K-5 so I will pick her up before lunch and then we will work on therapy & academics after lunch at home.  I've been stocking up on therapy supplies & lots of fun stuff to do.  I'm still not 100% on board but it's the tentative plan for now, we will just have to see what the next 4 weeks brings.

picking cucumbers with Cynette at Wickham Farms
driveway sunbathing

Sunday Funday with our next door neighbors
The invention of "noodle ball", like baseball but with noodles!

More noodle ball fun

the Annabelle train

This girl has been chalking everyday

Having fun with filters 

Golf cart shenanigans

More pool fun!  So grateful for a beautiful summer & great friends!

Kona Ice in the neighborhood :-)  When she heard Annabelle didn't eat orally she gave her a bracelet <3 
Amazing haul this week from our Wickham CSA!

Totally appropriate outfit for 80 degree weather LOL
Another fun pool day

A little indoor fun, keeping this girl busy is a full time job!

Feeding the ducks at the lake

Grateful for amazing neighbors!

arts & crafts time

Grace holding AB's device so they can talk on the golf cart.  Their friendship is so special!
Harry Potter glasses from our neighbors bday party

Waiting out the rain storm, hail and all!
beautiful afternoon after the storm passed!

Relaxing after a busy & fun day.  Jumped in right after for a night swim :-) 

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