Saturday, August 8, 2020

Quarantine week 21

Another week in Quarantine paradise!  This week we had our last speech session with a local college.  Annabelle has been doing Zoom speech with 2 Nazareth students.  It was a lot of fun and she loved seeing the girls every week.

Our outing this week was going to a sunflower farm out in the country.  We were the only ones there which was really nice.  The girls had a wonderful time playing together!  

Everyday we have to return our book and get a new one from our neighborhood little library.  Since we can't go to the real library this year it's so perfect!  We take the golf cart down and we even donated a big box of books a friend was giving out.

Cuomo announced that schools can reopen per their plans next month.  We are cautiously optimistic since we know it won't be long before they are closed again.  I'm still working to get Annabelle 1/2 day, otherwise we will have to do remote with a teacher and she won't be in a class.

Annabelle was being so silly one of the rainy days this week, had to add a video:

New upgrade to our little library
Homemade pickles, had to call all over Webster to find the dill!
social distance walk with a friend

Playdate, bubbles in the driveway

Heading out on a bike ride

Zucchini pizzas - so good that Brian even liked them!

Happy Hour with neighbors while the girls play in our yard.  So grateful for amazing friends!
Our first family bike ride!

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