Saturday, August 1, 2020

Quarantine week 20

When I started the quarantine blog at week 5 I was disappointed that I started so late into it.  Little did I know then how long this would last, at this point I may get to week 52 if people don't start listening to experts in this country!

This week Webster released their in person school plan.  For Annabelle (and all others in self contained classes) it would be full time school, the rest of the k-5 students are only doing 1/2 days.  The downfall of this plan is that she would have to go to the nurse twice daily for her meds & g-tube feeding.  She would also be in the same room for 6 hours a day which seems so long for them.  I'm working with the principal to see if she can do the 1/2 day like everyone else, that would just be 2.5 hours in the class and I would drive & pick her up.  Then in the afternoon I would help her with any assigned work.  

This week we ventured out to the zoo with our neighbor.  I realized that if we were going to give Annabelle any experiences this summer right now while our COVID numbers are super low would be the best time to do it.  I would hate to wait and realize it's too late.  She had so much fun and said it made her feel very happy.  Might have to go again when daddy can come with us!

Other than that it's been pool, play, golf cart every day.  Not much changes in the quarantine life.  Now we just need to decide what we are doing for school, that decission will be made before August 10th (or sooner if Cuomo comes out with other plans).  Happy August, 6 more weeks of summer vacation :-) 

Grateful for amazing neighbors

Annabelle made a parade in the garage, love her new emerging imagination
Our new purple dice for the golf cart

Food truck in the driveway, lobster mac & cheese was amazing!

Had to go to the dentist to have some pain checked out, ended with a referral to Orthodontics :(

snack after an afternoon in the pool

These two are the cutest!
Sharing shoes because they are the exact same size this summer

Giving our friend a ride

Love when I get a swim after bedtime with my best friend and quarantine bud, so happy to be "stuck" in this crazy time with him <3 

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