Monday, August 24, 2020

Quarantine week 23

 Quarantine week 23 and I realized it's been 24 years since meeting my partner in crime.  The past 5 months have only been bearable because of this man, he's my rock and my other half.  Together with Annabelle we have kept going during this crazy time and tried to always do it with a smile :-)   We still don't go out much, no indoors, no restaurants (except takeout), no working in person, and we still have to limit our interactions with others who are also being very careful.    

This is our quarantine bubble.  Yes, we see other people and visit outside with distance but these are the three families who we are close with and Annabelle can play all day with.  Annabelle couldn't ask for better friends and neither could we.  

This week we had some rain and with that is finding things to keep this girl busy.  It's a preview of what winter will most likely be like. 

Basement dance party

Rainy night = game night

Another rainy day so we took out all the Peppa Pig, Daniel Tiger, and other characters to play with.

Kayaking on the canal

Tree scavenger hunt in Fairport, NY

Barbie is either swimming or taking a bath in my fountain during AB's dinner

We went with our neighbors to the Genesee Village and Country Museum.  It was such a fun day trip and the girls had a great time together.  Very interesting to see all the different ways people lived back then.
We walked over 3 miles!  For Annabelle that's a huge accomplishment :-)  She's getting so strong!

Me and my best girl!

This house was home to a farming couple and 10 children.  This was the only room with a bed behind us.  The loft is where the children would sleep.  Never complaining about space in our house again!

Picnic lunch

The brewery

Annabelle and her mask - she was trying to put it back on

Annabelle asked to have matching braided pigtails

Putting on some new nails, love Color Street!

pool intensions - perfect for our daily swimming

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