Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Quarantine week 33

 Wow, I almost missed the last week in October!  My goal is to get to week 52 without missing one.  I'm sure as it gets colder and we are not doing much outside the home I'll be better at posting on Saturday.

We celebrated Brian's 46th birthday Monday by making him apple crisp and finishing the update to his office.  Had lots of fun learning about leaves, laminating them, and went to see a huge pirate ship!

Halloween was different but no less fun this year!  We definitely missed our annual neighborhood party but we had a great night trick or treating at a few houses then handing candy out through a homemade candy chute.

New paint, new desk, new monitors - perfect work space now!

Too cold for outdoor workouts, back in the saddle - Peloton workouts for the win!  
new office for daddy = new (to us) monitor & desk for mommy

Perfect size for 2

Spirit day
speak & spell from the 80's

arts & crafts

Halloween golf cart ride
ready to trick or treat!

It was so much fun handing out candy, especially with good friends!

Switch witch scavenger hunt, not my best idea
since we had to go through 12 clues
at 4:45am due to the time change.

This week we vote for the president, when
I look at Trump this is all I see :'( 

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