Sunday, November 29, 2020

Quarantine week 37

Thanksgiving week definitely looked different this year!  Instead of going to Erie to see my family we stayed home in Rochester.  The COVID numbers are going up so fast that the CDC recommended against traveling and having dinner with people outside your family.   We still had turkey, potatoes, stuffing, noodles, beans, rolls, & yams, it was just much smaller!

Now we are looking toward Annabelle's 10th birthday on the 18th and Christmas!!  We spent a lot of time this weekend decorating, putting up the tree, and taking down all our fall decor.  We are almost done, I'll finish this week while Annabelle is at school.

Saturday we went to Syracuse for their Lights on the Lake.  It was an amazing drive thru light show, totally worth the 1.5 hour wait in line to get in!  

Brian came up with a solution to giving Annabelle more independence in the bathroom.  He installed a doorbell she can ring when she needs help.  She loves it and it's so handy not having to keep checking on her.  We always try to find ways to make her life easier and to give her that independence she really loves.

After Thanksgiving brought the arrival of Jingles the elf.  He brought a new friend this year, a St Bernard that Annabelle named Jezebel.  She loves Jingles and looks forward to finding him every morning!

For some reason my pics populated backward so the last is first.  Such a fun week, the holidays are always so fun!!  


doorbell installed, so simple yet so amazing!

Drive home after the Lights on the Lake.  Up way past our bedtime!

So excited for the lights!!
November golf cart rides

Watching the LOL show on Amazon, obsessed with all things L.O.L.

I'm surprised Bug didn't eat the antlers after this

He's such a good sport!

Loves her new Jezebel

Jingles quarantined and has a mask this year

Night time golf cart rides, so fun on the Christmas Cart!!

Thanksgiving dinner, not the same as mom's but still pretty good!

Watching the Macy's parade

Night before Thanksgiving, everything ready to go.

Having so much fun making ornaments

Taste testing our applesauce

Making applesauce with our apples from Wickham Farms

Annabelle's store, hours of fun with this one

Her new 2020 ornament, first on the tree

Doing her math homework

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