Sunday, November 15, 2020

Quarantine week 35

 My 30th weekly blog, wow, I never thought I would still be going and we would be back to March precautions.  Our numbers are higher than our last peak and the US total death toll is nearing 250,000 :(

This week Annabelle caught a cold with a runny nose and cough so she had to get her first COVID test.  It came back negative but those 24 hours were nerve wrecking for sure!  We didn't think she could have it because she wasn't around anyone without a mask but it's natural to worry.

I also cut Brian's hair for the first time.  I've shaved up the back and sides before but this was the fist time I cut the top.  He liked it and said I can keep cutting it from now on so he doesn't have to go anywhere.

Not much else new, Bug had his annual well checkup, we played with friends (masks on only), and decorated for Christmas.

Afternoon walk in the beautiful weather

Prize for being brave for her COVID & Strep tests
Glow in the dark paints with Brooke & Chloe

The house all lit up
She loves listening to daddy play guitar

She loves helping to play even more

Friday Nov 13th was world kindness day

Night time golf cart ride when it's 38 degrees
Birthday parade in the golf cart

We went to the beach to collect rocks to paint them

Walked along the lake since it was so
beautiful out, almost 80 in November

Working hard on math 1:1 correspondence 

Doctors office to get her cough checked out

Cleaning our beach rocks

Picking up new SMO's and leg braces

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