Sunday, November 22, 2020

Quarantine week 36

This week's weather was all over, it was warm, cold, rainy, and even snowed!  We did some baking, sharing some with our neighbors and got to get outside a bit to play.  

We added some blue lights around the pool area to give the palm tree an island feel.  This week we will start working on decorating the inside of the house now that the outside is done.  It's so fun riding the golf cart around and looking at the lights.  Speaking of the cart, it's now the Christmas cart - all decked out with lights!!

Thanksgiving is this week but this year there will be no trip to Erie, no family dinner, no celebrating Christmas & birthdays, and no festival of trees.  I'm sad but I know it's for the best, keeping everyone healthy & safe!

Pumpkin muffins


trying the muffins

twinning with double braids

new leg braces

beautiful sunrise!

Dress like a teacher day at school

pretending I hit them with the golf cart

New math chart, she loves it!
cold cart rides, still loads of fun!

Annabelle got an early birthday present
Loves her new LOL

Selling lots of baby stuff, she still fits in the bumbo seat LOL

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